Boat excursion to Puerto Marina Benalmádena

Båten till Benalmadena

Fuengirola – Benalmádena

The boat leaves from the harbour in Fuengirola and docks in the marina – Benalmádena or vice versa. The journey takes about an hour and is a fairly large boat with friendly staff and catering on board. Along the boat trip you get a new view of the coastline between the two most popular harbors in the area and if you are lucky, you will be accompanied by dolphins on the trip. Tickets are bought in the harbour and the timetable varies according to the season. If you only want to go one way, you can take the train back.

Utsikt från båten mellan Fuengirola till marinan i Benalmádena
Coastline seen from the boat between Fuengirola – Benalmádena

The harbor of Fuengirola

In the harbour there are lots of water activities, the equipment is rented on site and there are lots of boat excursions, all the information is down in the harbour.

Hyr vattenskoter i hamnen i Fuengirola
Rent a jet ski in the port of Fuengirola
Skärmflygnig från hamnen i Fuengirola
Paragliding from the port of Fuengirola

Utflyktsbåt från hamnen Fuengirola
Excursion boat from Fuengirola port

The marina in Benalmádena

Puerto Marina in Benalmádena is not just a port but a large shopping center with lots of shops and restaurants and boat excursions.

Båtutflykt från Benalmádena
Boat Trip from Puerto Marina – Benalmádena

Ferris wheel in Puerto Marina

The Ferris wheel is forty meters high and offers a splendid view of the area.

Pariserhjul vid parkeringen i Marinan Benalmádena
The Ferris wheel is 40 meters high and offers a splendid view of the area.

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