Welcome to Fuengirola

The Costa del Sol stretches from Manilva in the southwest to Nerja in the northeast, more than 180 kilometers. The Costa del Sol has a lot to offer and if you want to explore it, I think Fuengirola is the best starting point. You fly to Malaga and from there you take the train that runs every 20 minutes and costs almost nothing. The train stops at 12 stations before the final destination Fuengirola, and the journey takes about 45 minutes. The train runs three times an hour from early morning to midnight. Once there, it is easy to go on excursions either by car, bus, and train.

Fuengirola is a wonderful town with a functioning daily life where people are on their way to and from work, the school children with their school bags on their way to school and the kindergarten children playing in the alleys of the old town. The municipal buses go where they are supposed to and on time and are cheap to ride. Add a fantastic playa and a pleasant old part with alleys, hotels and restaurants.

A beautiful place to visit or stay.

Most people you meet in Fuengirola regardless of nationality are friendly and open so if you add up all the variables, the Costa del Sol must be one of the absolute best places to visit or live.

Exploring the Costa del Sol – Andalusia

If you want to explore Andalusia, the Costa del Sol or just vacation, Fuengirola is the best choice.

If you want to travel around, it is unbelievable how much there is to visit. Marbella you can go to by bus and look at the old town with the orange square and “the golden mile” for a walk if you want a change to the playa in Fuengirola. Puerto Banús if you are interested in yachts and fine cars.

Near to Fuengirola is Estepona and a few more miles will take you to Gibraltar with its cliffs. If you continue the mountain road to Tariffa you will see views that stretch all the way to Africa. In the other direction or to the east there are Torremolinos, Malaga, Nerja and many more fantastic places to visit.

The Paeso Maritimo Rey de Espana or promenade is a mile long.

A sunny day in November
One of many restaurants on Fuengirola’s promenade on a day in October
Grilled sardines on the playa

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Visit Malaga, Barcelona, and Madrid.

On the eastern side of Fuengirola, Malaga is a nice city with a lot to offer. Nearby are also Nerja, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Seville, Alhambra, Denia and if you want to go a little further, you can reach the Mar Menor with its salt springs on the Costa Blanca with all its towns and villages.

Madrid can be reached by fast train in three hours and Barcelona not much longer.

Visit Gran Canaria, find amazing playas, walk the Caminito del Rey trail and seek other adventures.

If you want even more sun in the winter, the flight to Gran Canaria or Tenerife only takes an hour and a half. If you play golf, the “Costa del Golf” is the best and if it is water sports you are looking for, there is everything here, you can hike in national parks and if you want more adventure, you go Caminito del rey or even “worse” trails.

If you like to sunbathe and swim, there is a plethora of beaches, each one better than the next if you just open your eyes.

At different weekends, the playa becomes a place of celebration.

On various Spanish holidays, barbecues are lit down by the playa. People bring their own blankets, chairs and tables and the party goes on until late at night.

The castle in Fuengirola

In the western part of Fuengirola you will find the castle where you can walk up and look at the view, in the summer there are concerts and festivals in the area. Very pleasant to bring a delightful book that you can read sitting on one of the benches while contemplating the fantastic view of the Mediterranean.

Los Boliches and Los Pacos

Los Boliches is an area of Fuengirola located 5 kilometers to the east, where you can take the municipal bus or walk there along the promenade. Los Boliches has lots of alleys to stroll through and its own church in the square. It is a nice part of Fuengirola that also has many restaurants and small shops.

Another nice area in Fuengirola is Los Pacos with lots of housing for both Spaniards and foreigners. For some reason, many Finns have moved here. There is a Finnish school, a Finnish church and health center and a Finnish bazaar. In fact, the street leading up to Los Pacos is called Avenida de La Finlandia and the village square is called Plaza Suomi. Take the bus here from Fuengirola, it only takes 15 minutes.

Restaurant street in Los Boliches on an evening in October
Plaza Suomi in Los Pacos, which many Finns visit or live close to.

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Restaurants and visit the port.

There are so many restaurants in Fuengirola and down in the harbor you can sit on the outdoor terraces and watch the boats and the sea while enjoying a good dinner with a sparkling glass of wine or an ice-cold beer. If you have children, there is a great little amusement park right at the entrance to the harbor.

Near the harbour

A piece of Berlin in the port of Fuengirola

If you have Berlin withdrawal, visit the Kudamm restaurant down in the harbor, fantastic environment, and really tasty food!

Restaurant Kudamm

Old Town and Church Square with bars and restaurants

Down in the old town at the church square there are several fantastic ice cream parlors and of course a plethora of restaurants with different specializations, ranging from tapas bars to the finest restaurants. There is also the old market hall that has been converted into a restaurant hall.

Evening walk in the old town

Bus square and parking

Head for the beautiful church at the church square in the old town, from there you are close to everything. The bus square is a bit away and there is also a parking garage under the square. The playa can be reached in five minutes.

Mycket restauranger att välja på
One of many restaurant streets in the Old Town

Tapas bars

The best tapas bars are in Andalucía – Fuengirola. One of many is Lizzaran in the old town.

The water park in Fuengirola

AquaMijas, which is open during the season, is within walking distance. If you want to drive a car, there are plenty of parking spaces.

Bioparc Fuengirola

There is a fine and well-managed zoo in Fuengirola with no cages and plenty of space for the animals in a created natural environment. The BIOPARC Foundation aims for captive animals to provide a benefit to populations of the same species in their natural environment.

More about Fuengirola

There are three parallel streets that stretch from one end of the city to the other. It is the playa (Maritimo Rey de Espana) which is 10 km long, the bus street (Av. Ramon y Cajal) that runs parallel to the playa and that goes past the church square in Fuengirola. The bus station is also located here. The third parallel street is the railway street (Jesus Santos Rein) where the commuter train to and from the airport runs and the train station is located. These three streets are good benchmarks, as is the church square.
(Pl. de la Constitución) in Fuengirola.