More information about Los Boliches and Los Pacos

The playa in Los Boliches one day in May.

Los Pacos is quite large and extends up into the mountains where large housing complexes have been built. On the Avenida de Los Pacos and down by the square there are all kinds of shops and services such as a veterinary clinic, dentist, estate agents, a Finnish club, restaurants, event organisers and a fairly large grocery store and several bakeries.  There are also playgrounds for children and several dog parks.

The walking distance to Playan and Los Boliches is 10-15 minutes. If you like to walk, you can go into the old town of Fuengirola, but there is also a bus that runs fairly often and does not cost much.

For some reason, many Finns live in Los Pacos where there is a Finnish school, a Finnish church, and a Finnish medical center. Funnily enough, the road up to Los Pacos is called Avenida De Finlandia and the gathering place at the square is called Plaza Suomi. Most of the population is of course Spanish and there are also several Spanish schools in Los Pacos. Around the square there are several restaurants, fruit shops, bakeries, hardware stores, a pharmacy, and a medical center etc. Los Boliches which is a nice part of Fuengirola can be reached in 10 – 15 minutes from here. There is a shopping street, many restaurants in the alleys and a nice playa. A good benchmark is the church square (Plaza del Carmen) in Los Boliches. There is a fantastic little market in Los Boliches right by the station that is worth a visit.

The market hall in Los Boliches next to the train station
Café con Leche at Cafe Garnier in Los Boliches next to the market hall
Plaza Suomi at the square in Los Pacos

Public transport
From Fuengirola to Los Pacos, take bus 1 and get off at Avd. Las Gaviotas (Roundabout 600) in Los Boliches. If you are lucky, you can change to bus 4 which goes up to Los Pacos. If the bus does not fit, it is only a 10-minute walk to Los Pacos from Los Gaviotas. If you want to go to Fuengirola, you should walk down to Los Gaviotas and take bus 1 from there.

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There are three parallel streets stretching from one end of the town to the other. There is the playa (Maritimo Rey de Espana) which is 10 kilometers’ long, the bus street (Av. Ramon y Cajal) which runs parallel to the playa and goes past the church square in Fuengirola. The bus square is also located here. The third parallel street is the railway street (Jesus Santos Rein) where the commuter train to and from the airport runs and the train station is located.  These three streets are good landmarks as well as the church square (Pl. de la Constitución)

Map Fuengirola

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