Experience the fantastic Caminito del Rey

The history of the Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is a footpath attached along the steep walls of a narrow ravine in El Chorro, near Ardales in the province of Málaga, Spain. Its name comes from the original name Camino del Rey, locally shortened to el caminito.

What until a few years ago was considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world is now one of Andalusia’s major tourist attractions.

Even if you are under 10 years old, you can go in the company of your parents
Information about the old trail and the construction of the new one.

The trail was originally a way for workers at a power station in a deep ravine to transport themselves and materials between various parts of the ravine. The trail deteriorated and became a dangerous playground for adventurers.

The Spanish authorities closed the trail after several people fell to their deaths. After restoration work, the new Caminito del Rey was completed in April 2015. Now a very safe, but still extremely dramatic, walk along the vertical slopes of the gorge.

Railings are everywhere so no problem for those afraid of heights.

The walk

You will not be disappointed. Most of the Caminito del Rey is made up of footpaths attached to a vertically plunging rock face in the El Chorro gorge. Only a wire railing separates us from the cliff. Just below the new walkway you can still see the remains of the old dangerous road, without railings and with sudden holes and broken sections.

The walk takes about two hours.

Book tickets for Caminito del Rey

You book a day and time. Times are available every half hour from 09:30 to 17:00. 50 tickets are released for each half hour. In high season it is necessary to book in advance, but you can also take a chance and buy a ticket on the spot. Tickets are usually available. The trail may be closed in case of dangerous weather.

Amazing views are included in the price.

Getting there and from there

Caminito del Rey is just over an hour’s drive from Fuengirola and from March 2023 you can also take the train from Fuengirola, see information further down the page.

You start at the northern entrance. The road signs point the way to both the northern and southern entrances, so it is important to remember that you start from the northern entrance.

At the northern entrance there are car parks and restaurants. From here it is about 2 km walk to the actual starting point of the Caminito del Ray. You should therefore be at the car park at least half an hour before your start time on the Caminito del Rey trail.

The old trail can be seen in this picture.

At the starting point the tickets are checked, you get a helmet and a briefing on the rules of behavior, if you drop something in the gorge it is gone forever, don’t litter and the helmet must be kept on throughout the hike and so on.

About fifty people are allowed on the trail at the same time, but everyone can walk individually at their own pace.

After the walk

The hike is followed by a 15-minute walk along a country road to a bus stop and, if you have paid for return transport, buses run every half hour back to the north entrance. The whole adventure from the car park, walk back to the car park takes just over 3.5 hours.

Who can walk the Caminito del Rey?

Anyone who can handle a 2-hour walk with staircase-like climbs can do the hike. If you are very afraid of heights, you may want to avoid the trail. Most people with a fear of heights are safe as long as there is a railing or protection against the cliffs. The trail contains no sections where you are without railings or protection, so don’t let your fear of heights deter you from the hike.

From March 2023 you can take the train to Caminito del Ray, the timetable is available online and the journey takes about 3 hours or 1 hour by car.

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