The cable car and other attractions in Benalmádena

Hamnen i Benalmadena

Benalmadena consists of Benalmadena costa which is the coastal strip with hotels, Benalmadena pueblo which is the original village in the mountains and Arroya del la Miel is a lively suburb with bars and restaurants. The famous Puerto Deportivo harbour is also on the beach. Benalmadena can be reached by bike, bus or commuter train from Fuengirola. By car it takes 15 minutes and there are plenty of parking spaces in the harbour.

The Marina in Benalmádena

The marina, Benalmadena deportivo, with its thousands of boats, has been recognized as the best in the world and is home to Sea Life, a fine aquarium. From here you can also take the cable car up the mountain or visit Tivoli World. The playa is 10 kilometres long.

Benalmadena Depotivo is the harbor with lots of restaurants, shops, boats, trips and other fun.

SeaLife – Puerto Marina

There is a nice aquarium to visit in the marina which is also open in the evening.

Akvarium i PuertoMarina - Benalmádena
SeaLife – Puerto Marina – Benalmádena

Benalmádena Pueblo

The white village of Benalmádena Pueblo is a bit up in the mountains and you can take a bus or taxi there from the marina. This is the old walled city located on a hillside 300 meters above sea level. Pueblo is a nice town to walk around in and the narrow streets and squares always have nice restaurants and shops to visit. Jardines del Muro is a natural vantage point from which you get a wide panoramic view of the municipality and coastal landscape. Another attraction is the Church of Santo Domingo which is next to the Jardines del Muro.

Benalmádena Pueblo
Benalmádena Pueblo

Four different beaches in Benalmádena

There are four fantastic beaches in Benalmádena and at the link below you will find more information.

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Ride the Cable Car – Benalmádena

The cable car that starts from Arroyo de la Miel in Benalmádena – next to the Tivoli – is a really fun excursion especially for families with children and those interested in nature. The ride in the cable car offers unparalleled views of the coast and when you get to the top of the mountain there is a restaurant, daily shows with birds of prey and several hiking trails to choose from.

If you suffer from a fear of heights, the cable car in Benalmádena is probably not for you. But for the rest of us, the ride in the small sealed metal carriage with plastic windows is an experience of the highest class.

You ride in a small carriage that is led out on a cable that is stretched between the city center and the Monte Calamorros mountain. The mountain is 800 meters high, so the tour offers a steady and steep ascent. The view is astonishing over the area’s rocky terrain and the vast, azure Mediterranean Sea, which gets bigger and bigger as you reach the top of the mountain. The trip with the cable car takes about fifteen minutes and runs in shuttle traffic for most of the day.

Even the A7 looks good from the cable car

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