Playa Cabopino is perhaps the best on the Costa del Sol.

Playa Cabopino

20 minutes from Fuengirola is Cabopino, take the A7 towards Marbella and turn off at the camping sign. Cabopino is a tourist resort with the best campsite on the Costa del Sol, a harbour with restaurants and shops and, not least, a long playa with both restaurants and a nudist beach. The family beach can be reached through the large car park and the nudist beach is a few kilometer’s to the east.

Family beach Cabopino
Playan on a day in October

Cabopino has perhaps the best campsite on the Costa del Sol.

The campsite has many activities, and you can both stay for traditional camping and rent cabins or bungalows. From the campsite it is walking distance to the playa as there is a bridge over the A7 motorway.

A nice walk

If you want to take a long walk, park the car in La Cala de Mijas or take the bus there, then you can walk all the way to Cabopino on a newly built promenade, it is about ten kilometers, once there it is fantastic with a bath and a visit to one of the beach restaurants. If you can’t walk back, you can take the bus that stops at the A7 motorway.

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