Nerja’s sights and best tips for visitors

Nerja is a charming town and a popular tourist resort, not least among Scandinavians. Nerja is located about 10 kilometers’ east of Fuengirola and is difficult to reach by car. Nerja is surrounded by beautiful mountains and green landscapes and is close to both Malaga and Granada. They have preserved their old town center with nice restaurants and small shops that are open all year round.

Balcón de Europa on a rainy day in May

‘Balcón de Europa’ (pictured above) is the name that King Alfonso XII is said to have given to the place he visited in the late 19th century to inspect the damage caused by a devastating earthquake. “The ‘balcony’ is built on what used to be one of Nerja’s fortresses, called ‘la Batería’, with a stunning view, which makes you feel like you’re leaning against the railing.

Nerja is today much more than just a classic charter resort, there is plenty to do in addition to the beach life, which is the reason why many Scandinavians and English people choose to settle here in their old age.

King Alfonso XII standing on the balcony.
View from the Balcón de Europa on a rainy day in May.

8 things to do in Nerja

  • Cuevas de Nerja, between Nerja and Maro are the Cuevas de Nerja, or Nerja Caves. These caves include the world’s largest stalagmite, which is 32 meters long. One of Nerja’s proudest attractions. In July, music festivals are organized inside the caves.
  • Hiking along and in the Río Chillar, on the outskirts of Nerja a hiking route starts along and in the shallow river Chillar. The whole route takes about three hours and is not particularly difficult. The activity is very popular with children as you walk in the river itself and swim in natural pools and waterfalls. You do not have to walk the whole route but can choose to turn back whenever you wish. Bring water and food as there are no cafes or similar along the way.
  • Balcón de Europa, the most photographed site in Nerja, is famous for its platform with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The viewpoint is in the old town of Nerja.
  • Playa de la Calahonda, the playa can be reached directly from the Balcón de Europa and looks like a South Sea Island. See the first picture.
  • Playa de Maro / Maro Beach, is perfect for kayaking, the route between Maro and Burriana provides a magnificent view of the coastal area. The clear waters and rich marine life provide a unique experience and are perfect for snorkeling and diving.
  • Acueducto del Águila, an architectural work of art built at the end of the 19th century. Its purpose was to bring water from Nerja to the sugar factory in Maro. The factory is closed, but the aqueduct is still used to irrigate nearby crops. If you’re driving along the N340 road, there’s a rest area you can stop at to get a pleasant view of the aqueduct. There are also nice hiking trails that pass the aqueduct.
  • Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, the park covers a large area of both mountains and coastline, bordering the provinces of Málaga and Granada.
  • Aquavelis Water Park, just outside Nerja is this fun water park with lots of fun for all ages. The highest slide is eighty meters.

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