Mural painting in Fuengirola

Muralmålning i El Boquetillo

In the district of El Boquetillo there are large murals that are part of the buildings as they are painted directly on the wall and either exploit the flatness of the wall or create the impression of a new surface or room.

The paintings have different themes and different artists, and “La magia de los Sueños” by the artist “Kato” was entered in the competition for the best mural in the world in 2023. Each painting has information about the artist, including the local names Nesui, Kato, Lalone and Mon Devane.

Konstnär Kato med "Le magia de los Sueños"
Artist Kato’s painting “La magia de los Sueños” freely translated “The Magic of Dreams

El Boquetillo was a gray and dreary residential area before the municipality and the Edusi Foundation invested money in decorating the facades, turning the area into a tourist destination that brings color and joy to visitors and residents.

The Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps the most famous mural is The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, executed around 1495 – 1498 in the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan and the subject is Jesus’ Last Supper as described in the Gospel of John.

Murals have a very long history of conveying stories or supporting storytelling. Church paintings are examples of such function

Read more on Wikipedia’s page about the painting “The Last Supper”. Read more →

Avenida de Mijas

El Boquetillo is easily accessible by a short walk from the church square in the Old Town (Pl. de la Constitución) If you take the bus, line 2 is the way to go. A tip is to simultaneously discover the street Avenida de Mijas which is one of Fuengirola’s many vibrant and lively streets with its fantastic tree avenue and lots of small shops, hairdressers, craftsmen, restaurants and cafes.

It’s a great atmosphere during the day and evening and well worth a visit even if you’re not interested in the paintings. If you come through the ornate portal with the street name, just continue a few hundred meters and then turn right and you are in the area of El Boquetillo with its fantastic paintings.

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