Carvajal – Torreblanca is a popular playa.

Playa Carvajal- Torreblanca

Playa Carvajal – Torreblanca is located on the border between Fuengirola and Benalmadena and is part of Benalmadena’s Playa Carvajal. The beach is nice and wide and almost never gets full, despite being very popular. You can always find a lovely spot for you and your family.

The promenade offers many opportunities for sports activities, such as jogging, cycling and inline skating. Here you will also find many charming small restaurants and shops.

Playa Torreblanca is a wonderful place to go with the whole family as the beach offers more space than the more central beaches and there is the possibility to rent sunbeds, kayaks, pedal boats and surfboards and “sups”. There are also playgrounds on the beach and wooden decks laid out to make it easier when the sand gets too hot.

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